Kitchen Remodeling

How to Find A Quality Kitchen Cabinet
By: Maria Brittis


Since the 18th century cabinet maker have made beautiful cabinets with exquisite detail in woodworking. There are many of today?s kitchen cabinet makers that continue to duplicate the techniques of 18th cabinet makers such as Thomas Sheraton, Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite

The use of finishing tools such as routers to create decorative edgings are used for techniques such as creating appropriate joints, shelving systems.

Custom cabinets are fit to specifications and usually are made by a cabinetry maker in a small woodworking shop.

Stock cabinets or are ready made and many have the custom feel to them. They are best for a budget

Semi Custom is cabinetry is made to your order in a factory and usually is less expensive than the custom cabinet makers working from their shop.

Don?t get me wrong it is well worth a trip to one of these cabinet making shops to compare prices and materials. Most Cabinet makers are proud to take you on a tour their shop

Many designers can add features as upgrading hardware, adding molding and different painting techniques.

The best way to find a quality cabinet described above is to check out with your designer or the builder you have chosen to do your home or kitchen remodeling project.

Pick at least 3 manufacturers and read about them. Go to the show room and check out the latest finishing techniques and materials used. What kind of woods is used to build the cabinets? Is the hardware solid brass or not. Can the hardware be upgraded?

Make sure you work closely with your contractor to view all cabinets before they install them.

Make sure that your kitchen cabinets come equipped with lots of storage. Cabinets can be designed exactly the way you like them. If you are selecting a semi custom cabinets than pick ones that have additional storage. Do a cabinet manufacturer comparison on storage space and see who has the extra storage

For the latest in cabinet colors mixing dark wood tones with cr?me colors are very popular. For example a dark wood tone island with a rich cr?me color cabinets or vice versa.

If mixing colors is not your style, don?t be discouraged. Cabinets do come in most any color you choose.

Ask your kitchen cabinet manufacturer for a color chart so you can match them with your appliances and plumbing hardware. If you are building a new home, plumbing is one of the first items to pick. Choose a hardware that is versatile and will go with almost any cabinet you choose. Pewter will go with almost any style and color cabinets.

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