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How To Clean Marble
By: Jimmy Sturo


Marble differs from most other stones because it is extremely porous. In other words, it allows dirt and stains to set in and be retained far more easily than denser stone. Also for this reason, it cannot withstand most conventional cleaning mediums ? especially harsh detergents and acids.

Remember that marble has a slightly unstable chemistry and is quite delicate. Calcium carbonate (which is what marble basically consists of) will immediately and dramatically react with any kind of acid, resulting in pitting and scarring.

The best way of maintaining marble?s overall cleanliness is with lukewarm water, a soft cloth and an occasional wipe down with a mild, non-abrasive detergent. The marble should be thoroughly wiped dry after such cleaning. If you like, a light coat of wax can be applied for further protection, but this is entirely optional, since marble will not gain additional luster from wax the way wood does.

The only safe way of tackling stains (blood, tea, coffee etc.) on marble is by gently soaking them off. To do this, any kind of absorbent material such as blotting paper or facial tissue can be lightly soaked in water and 20% hydrogen peroxide, placed over the stain and left there for several hours. The stain should wipe off easily after this treatment. Rust stains are best removed with regular rust removers; however, marble should not be exposed to them longer than strictly necessary.

Marble does tend to fade with the passage of time. This does not necessarily detract from its innate beauty. However, the luster of faded marble ? especially on domestic home floors ? can be effectively rejuvenated. There are specialty cleaning agents such as tin dioxide available at most leading housekeeping stores. Used as manual polish or in combination with an electric floor polisher, these work wonders in freshening up the lost shine of marble.

Keeping your marble in top condition is easy with a little care: it may be maintained with soft, conventional cleaning products; stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide and it may even be polished to keep it looking new.

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