Kitchen Remodeling

DIY Tool Buying Without The Embarrassment Of Not Knowing What You Want
By: Jon Doyle


I have forgotten how many times I have been to my local D.I.Y super mega store not knowing what it is I actually need to do the job, and if I am honest, I know I should not even be starting it really.

The thing is, I go there with a new found passion to do the impossible myself, because I have just read a book that explains it in 5 easy to do paragraphs, with 3 pictures; how difficult can it be?

It always boils down to one core problem when it fails, preparation! If I had looked at the job, thought it through, and written a list of tools and materials, had them on site ready to go it would go so much smoother, after all, you don't see an amateur chef bake a cake without all the ingredients do you?

Solid preparation, a plan, and the right tools for the job will always see a quality completed job though. otherwise, corners get cut to avoid spending a little more, or waiting for the correct materials.

So avoid wondering around a shop full of people who honestly only know more than you because they put the box on the shelf, and browse a site like at your leisure, research the job online, find out what you need, then search the site for the tool. delivered within 48 hours, and cheaper by far.

Jon Doyle