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Barbecue Islands - Taking Your Kitchen Outside
 by: Judy Simpson

Barbecue islands are an amazing way to have fun with family and friends while having everything you need at your fingertips for cooking. You'll be able to bring your indoor kitchen outside. Barbecue islands are perfect for covered porches or patios.

While choosing an outdoor kitchen which can be as big as 48 inches to 108 inches in size, make sure to find one that has 6 inch overhangs for the most space. Most islands have square edges, but the Sonoma Orleans 60 inch is the only one that has smooth edges. It consists of four wheel casters with anchors so you are able to easily move it around.

Plus there is an all-around bar, for durability it is designed using welded tubular construction, and has a perforated bottom for circulation. Outdoor kitchens are easily customizable, just decide where you want to put it, and the merchant will send it to your home and place it in your perfect space. Appliances that match barbecue islands are patio heaters, ice makers, ovens, wet bars, grill side-warmers, make great additions to complement your outdoor experience.

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